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  • Feed additives

    Refers to the feed additive feed production and processing、Add a small amount of trace substances or in use process,In the feed amount but rarely was significant。
  • Trace element fertilizer

    Trace elements including boron、Zinc、Molybdenum、Iron、Manganese、Copper and other nutrients。Although the plant very few requirements of trace elements,But they and the function of plant growth and development of a large number of elements are equally important。
  • Agricultural fungicide

    Microbicides is a kind of economic and effective prevention and control of plant diseases。Agricultural fungicide is used for the prevention and treatment of fungus、Bacterial disease caused by bacteria such as a class of pesticides。
  • Dressing with chemicals

    To meet the needs of the mining market,The company continuously develop new flocculant、Accelerating agent products,The existing many kinds of products are widely used in the following major ore dressing and smelting areas。
  • Fine chemical raw materials

    Fine chemical products refers to some specific application performance、Synthetic steps、With low complex reaction and the product and high output of chemical products。

      Zhucheng conde chemical co., LTD(Formerly known as comsenz feed additive factory,Was established2002Years)Trade and industry is set in an integrated high-tech manufacturing enterprises。The company is located in shandong province zhucheng industrial development zone,The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient。The main products are sulfate(Copper、Zinc、Manganese、Ferrous、Nickel、Magnesium)、The copper salt(Alkali type copper carbonate、Copper acetate、Copper nitrate、Copper chloride、Copper oxide、Copper hydroxide、Alkali type copper chloride)More than 30 varieties and the mineral processing reagents,And perennial import Russia produces copper sulfate,Mainly used in trace element feed additives and agricultural fertilizer、Mineral processing reagents、Agricultural fungicide、Water treatment、Fine chemical industry、Catalysts, etc。

       Company self-management import and export rights,Currently products are exported to southeast Asia、Australia、Russia、The United States and South America、Some countries in Europe,Products and services by foreign customers consistent high praise。

       After years of development,Conde not only has abundant capital and advanced technology,And has brought together a number of qualifications、The experienced chemical engineers,Animal nutrition、Animal husbandry and veterinary experts,They are dedicated to the research and development of chemical synthesis and animal nutrition。For a long time,We've been to“The quality for this、The user is supreme、The good faith management、Perfect service”For the purpose,With advanced technology,... <To check the details>