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Dozens of industries and applications,Power1000Companies pollution emissions100% Standards
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Dozens of industries and applications,Power1000Companies pollution emissions100% Standards
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Cooperation process
Cooperation process
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 1531961763973363.png   Wuxi green environmental protection engineering co., LTDIs located in wuxi city, jiangsu province, the administrative center is located a hui weir bridge town in the mountainous area,Is located in shanghai-nanjing、Shanghai and Beijing、Xiyi highway intersection,East away from wuxi airport15Kilometers,South shanghai-nanjing expressway“Wuxi north”Exports5Kilometers,West Beijing grand canal2Kilometers,Jiangyin port in the north20Kilometers,The environment is exquisite,The transportation is convenient,Company is a collection of equipment environment project evaluation design,Environmental pollution control engineering design(Water treatment),Sewage treatment engineering,Industrial waste gas treatment,Solid waste disposal,Noise control engineering design and construction as one of the high-tech enterprises of environmental protection engineering。Company existing staff of dozens of people,Including senior technical staff10Many people,Has established a completely,Engineers at all levels such as high-quality environmental technology professional team composed of technical personnel。The company introduces the advanced environmental protection technology and manufacturing process,Relying on the domestic colleges and universities、Design institute,In combination with the practical situation of China,Development、Undertake various large and medium-sized environmental control engineerings。Company based on local,The aim of the whole party development in recent years to reach a deal with hui mountain environmental protection bureau,Have a right to prioritize huishan local environmental protection engineering management,The benefit of one party,At the same time the company in line with the overall development strategy and Shanghai donghua university,The Chinese design and research institute of 9 production combination reached,To learn,Research and operation of the strategic cooperative partnership,Involved in textile field、Electrons、Machinery、Chemical industry、Pharmaceutical、Cigarettes、Food、Building materials、Plastics、Coal、Metallurgy、Electric power and other kinds of industry of environmental engineering management,As the donghua university off-campus practice base,For the practice of the scientific research personnel to provide broad space and development stage

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